Join the Best

The success of Turco Golf depends on great people working together – a combination of skilled leadership and unwavering teamwork.  Our work offers many joys, among them is involvement in "The Best" golf course construction company in the industry.

Do You Have What it Takes?

* Quality
* Experience, Talent, Well Developed Skills and Education
* Men & Women Interested in a Long-term Professional Career
* Loyalty, Dedication and Integrity that matches the sport

There is no genius to being "The Best." Building "The Best" is a matter of all our people working together with a common drive to build and renovate golf courses that our clients and architects can be proud of every time they walk on their course.

The following are positions for which we accept resumes on a continuous basis:

Project and Assistant Project Superintendent

* On-site management of golf course project (Construction, Irrigation, Renovation)
* Ensures project is constructed in accordance with budget, schedule, design and specifications
* Serves as company's on-site representative
* Responsible for project administrative items

Job Requirements: Knowledge of all aspects of construction (technology, equipment, methods). Motivation and training of staff. Communication skills when dealing with owners, architects and suppliers. Ability to manage and facilitate a large number of crews at one time.

Project Foreman

* Entry level supervision
* Trains and manages crew
* Responsible for quality control and assigned work

Job Requirements: Basic knowledge of construction. Ability to manage an assigned crew. Willing to be a working supervisor. Understanding of various mechanical disciplines.

Golf Course Shapers

* Highly skilled equipment operator who has the ability, imagination and understanding it takes to transform a golf course architects' vision into reality.

Job Requirements: Skilled bulldozer operator (John Deere 550-850 size machine). Good understanding of golf course construction and the game of golf. Experience a plus.

Maintenance Mechanic

* Ability to do on-site repairs.
* Must have hand tools.
* Truck furnished.

Job Requirements: Experience and broad background in Construction / Utility equipment.

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