Glen Rock High School - Synthetic Multi-Purpose Athletic Field (Glen, Rock, NJ)


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Turco Golf offers follow through supervision, usually a year-long contract, to ease a young course into maturity.  Turco’s valued service includes achieving optimal grass growth, caring for small washouts, adjusting irrigation and performing minor maintenance as the course is completed (sometimes in phases).  In addition, Turco has often been asked to leverage our purchasing volume and experience to acquire maintenance equipment packages for our project courses, assuring the best equipment for the job at the best prices. Our Grow-In staff are in an excellent position to roll over into longer-term maintenance positions, through Turco’s Tech Transfer program.  Alternatively, after Grow-In, we can hand over to owners a hardy golf course with all systems in optimum condition.

Tech Transfer
Building a Tech Transfer position into a Turco project can add considerable value for a new course.  Early in the construction process and with mutual agreement of the owners, we select a Golf Course Super – a person who demonstrates the qualities of commitment to the game and to maintaining a superior course. This Super-recruit becomes part of our construction management team, under our main construction supervisor, thereby learning the intricacies of the course, building relationships with suppliers and becoming familiar with operating procedures. Then, after construction or Grow-In, the Super-recruit employment optioned is transferred to the owners.