Turco Golf is a professional drainage contractor serving New York, New Jersey & Connecticut.


The irrigation system is the heart of any golf course, and because of the significant impact it can have on the look of the course and the operating budget, it is imperative that the system be installed to the highest performance standards.

Drainage Work at Glen Rock High School (Glen Rock, NJ)

Turco Golf has a distinct division in place to focus solely on irrigation installations for new construction projects and existing course installations and renovations. Often, irrigation is the most costly portion of the golf course project, it therefore receives our utmost attention. The types of systems we have installed ranges from basic manual systems costing s few thousand dollars, to state-of-the-art, computerized systems with over 4,000 sprinklers and costs exceeding $3 million.  Our reputation for irrigation expertise has led to recognition throughout the industry and numerous requests from irrigation consultants and distributors to bid or negotiate on select irrigation installation projects around the country. No matter what the size of the job at hand, the client will receive experienced professionalism from both the field and project management personnel.